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Legno Wood Logotype Design

Corporate Photography
28 February, 2021
Creative Sports Photography
14 February, 2017

The logotype design is its sign of identity, where the industry and sector communicates what we want to express, it is the first contact between the client and our brand identity. It is the art of communicating without words. Personality and a work philosophy.


The logotype Design of an organisation, product, company or personal brand is based on different communication needs, and these, whatever they may be, converge in a common goal, to be able to transmit and be remembered, through its design, and for this, it is necessary to be aware of the trends in all senses.

We have to challenge our ability to innovate and create, even going as far as giving movement to designs if required by the sector, like the highly technical industry, or colourful in fashion and interior design field, or the "overlapping elements" in the case of architecture or the real estate sector.


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