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Creative Sports Photography

Carolina Marin Marketing & Comunicacion Marbella
Legno Wood Logotype Design
28 February, 2021
Marbella Photos
3 March, 2016

Photography is an essential tool that helps us to capture the momentum we want to share. Those moments have to be able to express their own message through colour, light, movement, ... Sports photography is a clear example of creativity in order to spread our storytelling.

An image always keeps a secret. You just have to look carefully, enjoy the captured moment and find out what is hidden in it. With sports photography we can communicate effort, teamwork and responsibility.

Enthusiasm, entertainment, fun, companionship and commitment.

Sport, and in this case, beach volleyball, involves effort, teamwork and most importantly, it helps us to live better.

Being able to transmit what Marbella has to offer in terms of health and sport communications.

Health and sport is no longer optional, it is vital.

In this particular example, beach volleyball, with its orange sunset colours, backlit silhouettes and palm trees, helps us to understand how this sport conquers the hearts of its players every day.

It's not just a question of doing sport to be healthy, it goes beyond that, it's a philosophy of life, a culture, a way of seeing life, that's what our beautiful city is like.

Outdoor sports are possible thanks to our 360 days of sunshine, the good weather and the possibilities offered by our privileged location, between the sea and the mountains.

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